We invite you to our tavern

We invite you to our tavern located in an old architectural district of Gdańsk, by the Motława river. We guarantee refined cuisine, a warm-hearted atmosphere and excellent service. In cosy interiors filled with romantic music you can taste superb Old Polish style cuisine. Here you can meet in pleasant company and celebrate exceptional moments during formal receptions. In the summer we have an open beer garden with a view of the Motława river.



Tawerna Dominikańska – the Best Fish Restaurant in Gdańsk

We have the pleasure to present an unusual place, not only for Gdańsk, but for the whole of Poland. Our restaurant is different from other places and it satisfies the expectations of even the most sophisticated guests. If you dream about experiencing unforgettable moments in an extraordinary place, visit Tawerna Dominikańska in Gdańsk, a restaurant which will stay in your memories for many years. The restaurant is located in the heart of Gdańsk old town, near the Hilton hotel and a number of historical monuments of the city. From the restaurant windows you can see the Motława river, the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, and ships coming ashore.

In the restaurant we serve mainly fish from the Baltic Sea, bought directly from fishermen, so our fish is always fresh.


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    Zapraszamy do zakładki Oferta, stamtąd możecie Państwo pobrać Menu Komunijne 2015 oraz Menu Wigilijne 2014.

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